Fly Hawk Series All In One Smart Solar Street Lights

IP68 Heavy Duty Aluminum Cat Eyes Road Stud Solar Raod Stud

1. Solar buried lamp uses sunlight and LED as light source, which has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and easy installation.The 10LED solar buried lamp has high reflection brightness, while the reflection brightness of 10LED solar buried lamp can reach 5000 MCD, 10 times of that of ordinary reflective buried lamp, and the lamp bead is more than 10000 CMD.
2. Under positive standard light intensity, one exposure for 8H can continuously support 72H, and the visual distance is over 500 meters .
3. The solar lamp adopts independent power supply, which can light up automatically at night, convenient for using.
4 The solar panel is made of imported monocrystalline silicon, it has stable performance and high conversion efficiency.Toughened glass has strong compressive resistance, static pressure is more than 30 tons.

FH Series is HeiSolar's flagship model, tailor made for government solar street lighting project.

'Fly Hawk' shape light body, 'All In One' Modern and elegent appearance.
Rotatable solar panel design (5 angle) to maximum efficiency of solar energy.
All die-casting aluminum light body zinc plated anti-rust corrosion.
Perfect modular structure design, no wiring, easily replace the battery and other parts.
100% powered by solar. Support Customized Hybrid Solar Street Light With Wind Turbine.
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Here are some advantageous features of our Solar LED Lighting Products, help you understand moreover of our solar lamps
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Condition: 100% Brand New

Material: Die-cast Aluminum Housing + Reflector + PC Material

Power Supply: Solar Cell (Monocrystalline Silicon) 2.0V /3500MA

Energy Storage Device: Nimh Rechargeable Battery 1600mah Ni-mh High-temperature Resistant Battery

Working Hours: One exposure for 8h can continuously Support 72H, Under Normal Light Intensity,

Static Pressure: > 30 Tons

Display Device: Ultra-bright Anti-fog Led

Working Mode: Constant Bright

Starting and Controlling Light Intensity: The Front Light Is Less Than 500Lux

Visual Distance: > 500 Meters

Service Life: Effective Use Of > for 5 Years

Working Environment: -20℃ - +60℃

Optional Color: Red, Yellow, Blue, White, Green

Light Mode: Normally On

Package List:

1 x Lamp




Easy to installation in 5 mins.

Each light in a commercial system is independent of each other and doesn't need main power grid connectivity. No digging, no wiring, simply install and let the sun do the work!

1. Install bracket support

Fix the multi-angel brackrt buckles on the solar panel with 6pcs M6x20 screws. Be sure 'up' towards to led light.

2. Rotating Platform

Use 6pcs M6x12 screws to fix the 360° rotating platform,according to the orientarion of the road.

3. Combination

Use 2pcs M8x30 screws and 1set M8x100 screw to fix the multi-angle brackrt buckles. Choose the right holes according to the installation position of the sun at 2:00pm.

4. Install light

Fix the light fixture to the pole with 8pcs M10x25 screws.

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