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Project Time: 2022
Installation Site: Davao
Project Capital: US$ 1 million
Configuration: 120W solar street light
The client awarded a contract for lighting up a road from one city to another city. The road width is about 14m for two-way lanes and 7 meters for a one-way lane. In the beginning, the client was worried about LED lamp resistance of water because he has suffered from aftersales for products purchased and installed from the other supplier. He used their lamps for two years but their lamps were not good in waterproof. Due to the moist air in the rainy season and dust in the dry season, the LED chips had been damaged and some lamps had failed to work. He emphasized the unpleasant experience with the bad performance by other brands, which costs a lot of extra maintenance work and the end-user complained a lot.


Project Time: 2021
Installation Site: Countryside Road
Project Capital: US$ 0.5 million
Configuration: 60W solar street light with 8m pole Li-Fe PO4 battery.
The customer is from the Philippines. We came to know each other in 2017. The customer had bought 50 sets of 60W solar street lights from other suppliers, but he found the lights were not very bright at night. The customer tested the lamp and found its power is only 25W.
Then they finally came to Durapower and shared his experience with us. The customer claimed that they need a real high-quality 60W solar street light for their projects.
Our sales manager sent our Batwing profiles for 60W illumination at night, which impressed the customer a lot; meanwhile, our engineers also told the customers how to do power calculations from the specification of the split solar street light. The customer has highly appreciated the technical support from Durapower.


Project Time: 2020
Installation Site: Countryside road
Project Capital: US$ 0.5 million
Configuration: 80W solar street light with lithium battery back of the solar panel.
DURAPOWER 80W solar powered led street lights with 8M pole in Vietnam, 12000 lumens with battery under the solar panel
Vietnam customers are called DURAPOWER. They were looking for high-quality solar street lights for their government project. It was their first time doing a government project, so they hoped to show something different to their government.
Our manager presented an 80W solar street light with an 8M pole hot-dip galvanized and powder coating. The customer advised that they need passivating treatment for their pole, and they also need a battery under solar panels. Our pole engineer joined in the meeting and confirmed passivating treatment is no problem.


Project Time: 2020
Installation Site: Racecourse
Project Capital: US$ 0.2 million
Configuration: 30W AIO solar street light with 6m pole Li-Fe PO4 battery.
One customer from Oman planned to light up their racecourse with solar street lights from dusk to dawn automatically. They searched on Google for many suppliers with different models and specifications. Finally, they decided to let DURAPOWER be their provider as we responded to his request in 2 minutes and the presentation of the product was very nice, and the price was also in the middle of all suppliers. He mentioned that these LED streetlights must be dustproof and waterproof as there was a lot of sand during the sandstorm.
The maintenance of a normal gel battery is not easy. It has to be dug out after years of service. This customer wants a battery solution without burying the battery underground but also is capable of working at high local temperatures. DURAPOWER technical service team made a solar light proposal based on a LiFePo4 battery which has more cycles than a gel battery with a lifespan of 7 years or more.

20W solar street light with 4M pole in U.S.A,

American customers told us they need some outdoor solar-powered led street lights for their parking lot location at night. Our sales manager proposed a solar street light design for this project. The LED light is running on solar power and no need for laying cables. Most importantly, the sunlight for solar charging is very good. The customer director is very excited about our proposal and decided to give up their original idea of an AC LED lighting fixture. After checking the road width, we confirmed to make it a 20W solar light with a 4M pole design and sent a formal offer to them.
Customer engineers found that our battery capacity is a little small. They expected to make 12hours working full power at night and 2 days backup for rainy days at night. Finally, we revised our offer with a new battery hanging on the pole. A customer sent their deposit very soon after their final evaluation of our final proposals.


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