Types of Solar Power Plant

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                                                              Types of Solar Power Plant

     Solar power plants are mainly available in three different types. The first one is the on grid solar power plant, second is off grid solar power plant and the third is hybrid solar power plant.

On-Grid Solar System – Saving + Grid Export

Off-Grid Solar System – Saving + Backup

Hybrid Solar System – On-grid + Off-grid

     Being attracted by the advantages of going solar, many people are switching towards making solar energy their main source of energy. But before doing that, one should always be careful while selecting the type of solar power plant. Since it is the major thing that decides whether the power plant will prove to be beneficial for you or not.

     If you are ready to switch to a solar power plant but you are concerned about which type is best for you, we are here to provide you with complete details about all the types of solar power plant.

                               Difference Between On-Grid, Off-Grid & Hybrid Solar Power Plant

     All type of solar power system is different from each other on the basis of their specifications and features while all solar power system works on same principle. Also, some of the components are different in each type of solar power system.

    Starting with the basics, the main point of difference between on-grid, off-grid and hybrid solar power plant lies in their relationship with the utility grid.

     An on-grid solar system works with the utility grid while off-grid does not bother about the same. Moreover, a hybrid system depends partly on it. We’ll discuss more about these types in upcoming sections.

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