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60W Automatic Dust Cleaning System LED Solar Street Light
Automatic Dust Cleaning System
Monitoring Solar Street Light
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AI lighting pioneer helps smart campus

The outdoor lighting of campus can be considered from three aspects.
The first is the lighting design of the sports field, which comprehensively considers the combination of illuminance and color temperature, the second is the lighting design of lanes and footpaths, which should consider energy saving, and the third is the lighting design of leisure greening, which takes into account the needs of atmosphere and walking.

Solar street lights and area lights are good choices in activity areas.

Solar street lights and column lights can be well used in trails and driveways.

Lawn lights and garden lights are a good combination in leisure and green areas.

Digital Industrial Park

Lighting design solutions for industrial parks should pay more attention to lighting and energy saving, working areas, main pedestrian and vehicle flow passages, and to ensure sufficient brightness, the installation height and spacing should be considered, and the installation height should not be too low or the density is too dense and should not occupy the working area and passage space. Combined with the intelligent lighting control system, a trade-off between brightness and energy saving can be achieved at night, which not only ensures sufficient brightness, but also saves energy with intelligent lighting. Solar street lights and square lights are good.


The highway is the artery of the economy. The first consideration in the design of highway lighting applications is the issue of illuminance, followed by environmental protection and control. There are relevant illuminance standards. While providing good visibility to the highway, it can innovate the lighting of different types of streets. Every road deserves a unique lighting design plan. Lighting lamps with different color temperatures have different penetration effects on the road. Low color temperature lamps have better penetration in rainy and foggy weather. At the same time, combined with the management of intelligent lighting systems, data statistics and time management of road lamps can be performed, even in combination with sensors, to achieve.


Light and shadow create a dream island
The landscape lighting of the island has very special needs in terms of environmental protection, light efficiency and anti-corrosion.

Solar street lights can be widely used in island roads, and the column lights of intelligent lighting can be arranged in the coastal area adjacent to the sea, which solves the trouble of island power generation and wiring.

Through the intelligent lighting system, the application changes in different areas of the island landscape lighting can be realized, and the intelligent lighting needs of landscape design and lighting design can be fully met.
Durapower products have obvious advantages in the island, IP66 waterproof grade and marine grade C4H anti-corrosion grade provide protection for the products.

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Tourist Resort

"Core" moving journey, creating a feast of light and shadow
The landscape lighting design of tourist resorts should fully combine its own local tourism characteristics to create different tourism and holiday cultural themes.
The lighting design fully serves the tourism and holiday cultural themes. At the same time, do a good job in the lighting of key people moving towards the passage, which can be controlled by intelligent lighting system, showing different light effects in different seasons and times.
Solar lamps using Durapower Batwing intelligent lighting are more environmentally friendly and efficient.


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