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Parking Lot Lighting

We also design parking lot lighting, Durapower solar-powered parking lot light system comes complete with a self-contained solar power assembly. We size to run the specified solar light fixture as per our customers' requirements. Our team designs each system with the solar parking lot lights’ power consumption and available sun of the geographical location of installation in mind.

The battery backup provides a minimum of five days of autonomy for extended battery life and considers local weather conditions as well. Solar power assemblies range from 30 Watts to 550 Watts, and battery assemblies are available from 36 Amp-hours to 672 amp-hours. The complete commercial solar-powered LED parking lot lights system comes with a controller to operate the light fixtures based on the specified operation profile that solar specialists set up during project analysis. We select the optimal solar and battery to operate the solar parking lot lights for a set period of time with plenty of backup power for times of inclement weather.

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